Muscle loss after knee replacement is reduced by supplement

Source:  Journal of clinical investigation  2013, Oct 25 [Epub ahead of print]

Follow this link for full text

Date of publication: 25 October 2013

Publication type:  Journal article

In a nutshell:  Twenty grams of essential amino acids (EAA) taken twice daily for a week before and for two weeks after total knee arthroplasty (TKA), resulted in a faster recovery and much less muscle wastage then in a control group.  This was  a small trial of older adults and acts as a proof of principle for the use of EAA supplements to attenuate muscle loss in older TKA patients.

Length of publication:  13 pages

Some important notes:   Please contact your local NHS library if you cannot access the full text.  Follow this link to find your local NHS library.

Acknowledgement:  Medical News Today


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